Korg SQ-1 talking to Moog WerkStatt Ø1 & Logic Pro

So, today is day 2 of me making music with my groovy little setup consisting of:

My soundcloud account here: https://soundcloud.com/suranyami

Using mono mini-jack cables, connect the following:

Even though the gate-out to gate-out thing is the only known (and not officially recommended) way to trigger the Werkstatt, it only really works when you also hold a key down on the Moog.

The first problem I encountered was synchronization. I recorded a bassline, but then tried to add a drum track to it. Since the analog synth had nothing to do with Logic, everything was out of sync.

Because I’m using the Korg SQ-1, though, the solution is remarkably simple:

Now the sequencer is in-sync with Logic. Yay!

Next challenge: the SQ-1 has an in-built MIDI-to-CV/Gate capability. Use that for fun & profit!

Extra note: Gadget love

I have not felt so much fun, expansive possibilities with a piece of hardware in decades. I distinctly remember the times I was blown away by what we can achieve with electronics:

When Stephen Smith & I used to play with electronic instruments in the 80’s, it was a labour of love. We made drums out of bits of old rubber stretched over wooden frames, with crappy dismantled earphones as input devices, processed by Schmidt triggers that we got as free samples by pretending we were an electronics OEM called “DaveTronics Pty Ltd” despite being 14 years old. The great thing about this was working out how much can go wrong just making some noise.

I loved that time. But I love being able to twiddle with sound in the ways I always imagined I could.

I remember having a very heated argument with Stephen because my favourite setting on the Roland SH-101 was “Attack: 0, Decay: 0.001”. It was a great little CLICK sound. What could that click sound have become with a cheap hi-res audio interface, crazy-ass effects, and plugging it into a wicked, patchable analog synth? We may now know.

PS: Stephen Smith, please talk to me! I know it’s hard, but I think I’m your oldest friend and I miss you. PPS: Stephen & I are on speaking terms, nothing bad has happened, it’s just he’s a bit hard to get hold of

January 2nd, 2016 10:28pm