Inside a Matrix-like simulation

We were inside a Matrix-like simulation of reality.

Our goal was to explore a new planet and colonise it. The new world was arcane and beautiful in its oddities, lakes of flying fish, tall spires where huge elephantine pterodactyles nested.

Soon after arrival, we laid plans, and began construction of towns, cities, farms, houses.

As we began working, there appeared a group of aliens, different from the native fauna. Their actions seemed to be undoing some (but not all) of the actions we were taking.

Then a crop of obstructions and annoyances started swirling around us. Landscapes transformed, people would break out in hives and spots, swarms of bees would obstruct our paths.

Some sought to lash out at the newcomers and attack them. This caused their actions to become increasingly strange, and the obstructions become more and more horrific. Living explosions, blood & gore, violence. The more we resisted the newcomers, the more awful and incomprehensible the entire situation became.

But, noticed a few, the situation was not universal. There were some interactions with the newcomers where their actions ran harmoniously with ours, and the obstructions were curiously absent.

Through careful analysis and experimentation, some principles and practices were discovered that showed us how to live harmoniously with the newcomers. Some even discovered that not only could they survive, it was possible to flourish and even soar.

With peace returning, we were able to spend time closely studying the new creatures and their curiously symbiotic relationship to ourselves.

Time and attention revealed that the others where our own actions, manifested as a physical entity. Their actions were the new version of ourselves following our actions, and the obstructions were the consequences of our actions.

July 29th, 2014 8:44am