“git push origin master” + “Original master: him dead!” = ?

Whenever, as is the usual course of events during the day, I push to a remote git repo with git push origin master, I have this annoying habit of singing the words to this song that I heard in my collection ages ago:

“Original master: him dead!”

It’s from a collection of West African funk, a quite groovy song, of which they were virtually the only lyrics.

Eventually, my coworkers, er, noticed this habit of mine, responding with:

“What the hell is that? That thing you keep saying.”

To which I then immediately responded:

“it’s a song, let me play it for you, it’s called… ummm… hang on, I’ll look for it… ummm… I don’t know what it’s called. Or who it’s by. Or what album it’s from. I know it's from a compilation of West African funk…”

Cue rolling eyes, and mutterings of “of course it is…”.

And things stayed in that nebulous state of affairs, with the added surreallity of everyone else that works with git in my office singing the same thing each push, despite none of us having the slightest clue what it was.

Until yesterday, when pure luck and random-play caused it to pop up! Yay.

It’s called:

“Natural Points”, by Smahila & the SBs, on the album “The Danque!!!”

2011-10-22 18:47  by David Parry