Deleted my Facebook account today

I deactivated my Facebook account today. I’ve downloaded a dump of all my data (1GB), and after I’ve compressed and archived it, will be deleting my account. (Update: this has been done now).

The final straw for me was yet another anti-vaxxer in my group of people I know. I can’t take it any more… it’s either Trump fans, anti-vaxxers, climate denialists, racists, nazis, extremists of all sorts. I can't do much to stop those people, but I can disconnect from it. I get absolutely nothing but hate and anxiety from it, and unfortunately, the volume of that outweighs the good experiences from people I know and love. It's sad, but true.

I’ve basically decided that Social Media as a whole is corruptible with apparently minor effort by state-based malicious agencies, charlatans, anti-science idiots and general-purpose assholes.

I am reverting back to RSS for news, direct, invite-only groups like the one I have in Slack, but will probably start making more of a presence in Element and Matrix and any other similar systems that are decentralized, open-source and community-driven.

My Element address is:

Tried out Jitsi Meet the other day. It’s based on Matrix, and is actually pretty good. Not quite as good as Zoom, but a lot better than Google Meet.